New Ideas and International Exchange Awards

DoSChem provides funding for student-driven collaborative projects across research groups within DoSChem (New Ideas Program) and for projects in an external lab (International Exchange program).

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DoSChem "New Ideas" Awardees


Mira Flasch and Martin Schaier

Project: Investigating environmental exposures to infants using a multi-omics approach



Miran Lemmerer und Ludovica Martina Epasto

Project: Investigation of Amide Radical Intermediates by Integrative Real-Time Spectroscopy

DoSChem "International Exchange" Awardees


Dominik Vogl

Project: Zooming in on the Central Repeat Domain of Tau4 by NMR spectroscopy

Host: Anne Conibear, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Miran Lemmerer

Project: Construction of complex g-lactams via an interrupted Corey–Chaykovsky/Smiles rearrangement cascade

Host: Hideki Yorimitsu, Kyoto University, Japan

Tatiana Priamushko

Project: Testing mesoporous metal oxides at reduced graphene

Host: Claudio Gerbaldi, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Hélène-Christine Prause

Project: Interaction of membrane sterol and lipid structures with prymnesins, ichthyotoxins produced by Prymnesium parvum

Host: Allen Place, University of Maryland, USA



Iakovos Saridakis

Project: Halogen-atom transfer-enabled metal catalysis

Host: Daniele Leonori, Aachen University, Germany

Claudia Iriarte Mesa

Project: Towards enhanced oral delivery of insulin using mesoporous silica nanoparticles: interaction with gut microbiome and in vivo testing

Host: Allison Ehrlich, University of California, USA