Save the date: DoSChem Retreats 2023


Panel A: March 20-22 in Zeillern

Panel B: April 19-21 in Fürstenfeld

Panel C: March 22-24 in Fürstenfeld

We are excited to inform you about our third retreat rounds organized by each focus area independently with the great help of the students!

  • Focus Area of Research A: March 20-22 in Zeillern, Lower Austria
  • Focus Area of Research B:  April 19-21 in Fürstenfeld (Styria)
  • Focus Area of Research C: March 22-24 in Fürstenfeld (Styria)

More information will follow soon!

  • Panel A:

Ellen Backus (

Chiara Luna Onorati and Mirela Encheva

Schloss Hotel Zeillern in Zeillern (Lower Austria)

  • Panel B:

Samuel Meier-Menches ( & Jürgen Zanghellini (

JUFA Hotel in Fürstenfeld (Styria)

guest speakers:

Lennaart Martens (VIB-UGent Center for Medical Biotechnology; Belgium) with a Science Talk (

Erik Reimhult (BOKU Vienna, member of FWF) with a talk about the process "Ideas to Project"

  • Panel C:

Davide Bonifazi ( & Thomas Mindt (

Xabier Guarrochena and Julia Kronberger

JUFA Hotel in Fürstenfeld (Styria)