Application process

There are two ways to apply for positions in DoSChem

1. DoSChem pooled calls

The Vienna Doctoral School in Chemistry (DoSChem) launches once a year a pooled spring call and offers doctoral training at the University of Vienna across all areas of chemistry.

The next international call for PhD positions is expected in March 2025.

We don’t provide any individual information on your status within our application process. All your submitted paperwork is forwarded on time to the advertising Professors of your preference and currently being reviewed. Please find the timeline below.

If invited to the interview, you will be directly contacted by our Professors via email provided within your application paperwork.

how to apply


Timeline overview table

·       Application opens: March

·       Application closes: 14th of April

·       Pre-selection meetings: approx. mid of May

·       Student Interview Days: mid-end May

·       Final selection meetings: June

·       Offers sent out: (mid)-end of June

·       Offer need to be accepted: end of June/July

·       Start of 2024 cohort: summer/fall 2024

2. Open postions

Open positions can be filled during the year, independently of the DoSChem call.

If available, open position will be posted here.


The University of Vienna has a very strong, institutionalised gender equality policy and within this framework DoSChem strives to strengthen the career development of female scientists at all qualifications levels and to support compatibility between family and work/ training.

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