DoSChem Alumni and Alumnae

The DoSChem alumni programme is open to all graduates when leaving the UniVie Doctoral School in Chemistry. 

With this programme, we aim at connecting alumni with each other and current members of DoSChem, the Faculty of Chemistry, as well as the University of Vienna and at fascilitating mutually beneficial relationships.

Calling all DoSChem Alumni!

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Listed below are a some DoSChem alumni, with information about their doctoral projects and current positions.

Department of Theoretical Chemistry

NameThesis titleSupervisionDefendedCurrent position

Felix Plasser

Computational study of the photophysics of interacting DNA nucleobasis

Hans Lischka

Department of Chemistry
Loughborough University
Sandra Gomez RodriguezNuclear quantum effects on the excited state dynamics of polyatomic moleculesLeticia González2019Postdoctoral researcher at the University College London


Department of Inorganic Chemistry

NameThesis titleSupervisionDefendedCurrent position
Debora WernitznigMolecular characterization of immunologic cell death in 3D culturesBernhard Keppler and Wolfgang Sommergruber2021Medical Manager at Novartis

Gabriel Reisinger

Vanadium-based misfit layer compoundsKlaus Richter2021Projectlead at Exentis Group AG in Switzerland

Muhammad Hanif

From biomolecules to organometallic compounds with tumor-inhibiting propertiesBernhard Keppler2012


Estelle Juere

Confinement of therapeutic agents into mesoporous silica nanoparticles for oral delivery applications

Freddy Kleitz



Department of Analytical Chemistry

NameThesis titleSupervisionDefendedCurrent position

Harald Schöny

Standardization and harmonization in lipidomicsGunda Köllensperger2021Postdoctoral researcher in the group of Gunda Köllensperger

Marek Mahut

Analysis of plasmid isoforms and supercoiled topoisomers by liquid chromatography

Michael Lämmerhofer2010Associate Director, Chemical & Analytical Development at Novarits

Franz Reinhard Pell

Development and evaluation of ion exchange-type chiral stationary phases for liquid chromatography and subcritical fluid chromatographyWolfgang Lindner2012



Department of Food Chemistry and Toxicology

NameThesis titleSupervisionDefendedCurrent position
Swantje WinklerTranskriptionelle Modulation des Lipidmetabolismus, der Sättigungsregulation sowie von Inflammationsprozessen durch Kaffee und ausgewählte KaffeeinhaltsstoffeDoris Marko2013


Department of Chemical Catalysis

NameThesis titleSupervisionDefendedCurrent position

Leonard Homberg

Investigations on base metal-assisted synthesis of aminesKai Carsten Hultzsch2020

Chemischer Leiter bei LOBA Feinchemie GmbH



Department of Biophysical Chemistry

NameThesis titleSupervisionDefendedCurrent position
Chiara SulpizioSynthesis, structure and antioxidant activity of 2'-amino and 2'-hydroxyl substituted chalcones and their metal complexesAnnette Rompel2017

Scientific publisher for Frontiers in Chemistry


Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

NameThesis titleSupervisionDefendedCurrent position
Ishrat JabeenCombined ligand- and structure-based studies on inhibitors of P-glycoproteinGerhard Ecker2012

Full University Professor

Pharmacoinformatics Research Group
School of Interdisciplinary Engineering and Sciences (SINES)
National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Islamabad, Pakistan


Department of Physical Chemistry

NameThesis titleSupervisionDefended

Aida Naghilouye 

Mechanistic study and quantitative modeling of the femto- and nanosecond pulse laser processing of metals, semiconductors, and polymersWolfgang Kautek2018