DoSChem PhD Students

DoSChem starts out with more than 200 PhD students enrolled in all 3 focus areas.

DoSChem students are the most important part of our school, participating in its organization and steering.Our student representatives are the student’s voice within DoSChem’s steering committee. They also ensure the direct communication between students, supervisors and school management.

They are elected by all DoSChem students for the period of one year.


DoSChem Student Representatives Chiara Luna Onorati, Christina Brenner and deputy student representatives Moritz Zelenka and Hoa Le Xuan

student representatives for the period Nov 2023 - Nov 2024:

  • Chiara Luna Onorati (Panel A, Lieberzeit group, representative)
  • Christina Brenner (Panel B, Köllensperger group, representative) 

deputy student representative for the period Nov 2023 - Nov 2024:

  • Moritz Zelenka (Panel A, Backus group, deputy)
  • Hoa Le Xuan (Panel C, Rompel group, deputy)

Former Student Representatives:

Martin Schaier from Analytics (Panel B, Gunda Köllensperger)Philip Verdross from Materials (Panel A, Alexander Bismarck) and Tadija Kekic from Inorganics (Panel B, Mark Manuel Somoza, co-supervised by Jory Lietard)! Thank you for your great work!

Leopold Dürrauer (Biological Chemistry, Becker Lab) (2020-2022); Bianca de Jonckheere (2020-2022), Stefanie Rubenzucker (2020-2022), 

Patrick Guggenberger (Panel A, Freddy Kleitz) - (2021-2022), Ludwig Schwiedrzik (2020-2021).