FAQs application process

Q: "Application status"

A: "We don’t provide any individual information on your status within our application process. All your submitted paperwork is forwarded on time to the advertising Professors of your preference and currently being reviewed.Please find the timeline below."


Q: „I did not receive any confirmation after submitting my application.”

A: “Please check your spam files for our automatic confirmation email.”


Q: “Recruiting process: how fast is my application being reviewed?”

A: “After the submission DoSChem recruiting team performs the formality check of your paperwork. You will be contacted within one week if something needs to be resubmitted"

After the deadline your application will be forwarded to all indicated supervisor(s) of your choice for further assessment. The detailed description of our recruiting process please find here (link).

We do not indicate your progress within the recruiting process so you can not track your current status within the u:portal. Your status is indicated “ in process” if you have successfully submitted your application.

Timeline overview table:

·       Application opens: March

·       Application closes: end of April (14.04.24)

·       Pre-selection meetings: beginning of May

·       Student Interview Days: May

·       Final selection meetings: May/June

·       Offers sent out: by mid of June

·       Offer need to be accepted: end of June/beginning July

·       Start of 2024 cohort: summer/fall 2024”


Q: ” I need to resubmit the paperwork: what shall I do?”

A: “Please re-submit your missing paperwork thorough the u:portal in the comment field.”


Q: ”I submitted multiple application, is that a problem?”

A: “If multiple submissions are identical, one of the will be deleted. If you want us to only review one of those, please let us know the correct number of the application we should review.”


Q: “How do I contact the recruiting team?”

A: “Please contact us via the u:portal in the comment field and email address.”


Q: "Upon application I get a german error message, what should I do?"

A: "Please set your language settings back to english. Top, right corner."

Q: "How do I get contacted if anything is missing in my application?"

A: "We communicate via the u:portal"


Q:"Recommendation letters/ Contact information of two referees."

A: "Once your application is being reviewed, our committee will contact your peers on demand (via call or email), there is no need of prefabricated recommendation letters & you referees don’t have to submit anything extra."

Q: "How does the employment work?"

A: "Most of the advertised positions are part time projects (75%) of 3-4 years duration in accordance with collective bargaining agreement: §48 VwGr. B1 Grundstufe (praedoc) with relevant work experience determining the assignment to a particular salary grade, including health care benefits."

For detailed information, please check this link below:


Q: "How do I resubmit missing paperwork?"

A: "Please don’t open a new application. Solely resubmit required paperwork through your u.portal comment field. Once you open (by clicking on it) your comment field, there is an "attachment" symbol you can click on & upload your missing paperwork."

Q: "My status is not changing and is staying the same. What does this mean?"

A: "Your application status is “in progress”  as soon as you have successfully submitted your application, there will be no further changes in the notification status. You will be contacted via mail about an invitation to an interview or about a rejection of your application."

 Q: "Can I apply for the position while still completing my master's degree, and is it permissible to apply before obtaining the final certificate?"

A: "All applicants shall complete their master's degree before the anticipated position appointment.  At the time point of the application: you are eligible to apply while you are still finishing your MA studies and don’t hold your final certificate yet."

 Q:"Is formal proof of competence of English language required?"

A: "The formal proof of competence of english language is not required, unless it is specified in the description of PhD position".