DoSChem Research Focus Areas

DoSChem is the largest doctoral training program in Austria focusing on chemistry. It has a broad scope based on the 6 key research areas defined for the Faculty of Chemistry that are organized in 3 focus areas within DoSChem. The three focus areas provide an administrative and thematic substructure to facilitate organization of school activities and are permeable for students and supervisors.

The panels coordinate individual activities (from teaching events to retreats) of the three thematic focus areas of DoSChem. Each panel is coordinated by a chair person. Focus area panel members are appointed for the duration of 3 years.

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Panel Organizing Board

Christian Schröder (Panel contact person)
Christoph Flamm
Leticia Gonzalez Herrero
Ellen Backus
Klaus Richter

Panel Organizing Board

Marc Pignitter (Panel contact person)
Franz Jirsa
Samuel Meier-Menches
Evelyn Rampler
Astrid Slany
Jürgen Zanghellini

Panel Organizing Board

Dennis Kurzbach (Panel contact person)
Davide Bonifazi
Kai Carsten Hultzsch
Thomas Mindt
Annette Rompel