Research groups of DoSChem Focus Area C

Inorganic Chemistry

Vladimir Arion

Research Areas: metal-based anticancer drugs; R2 ribonucleotide reductase, endoplasmic reticulum and tubulin as targets; osmium complexes; 187Os nuclear resonance scattering, metal-complexes with redox non-innocent ligands; catalysis; alkane oxidation  

Mathea Sophia Galanski

Research Areas: Bioinorganic Chemistry; Anticancer Metal Complexes; NMR Spectroscopy

Bernhard Keppler

Research Areas: Development of novel tumor therapeutics

Christian Kowol

Research Areas: (metal-based) anticancer drug development; prodrugs, drug delivery/targeting systems

Michael Malarek

adjunct PI

Research Areas: Organometallic Chemistry

Thomas Mindt

member of the Panel Organizing Board

Research Areas: Radiopharmaceuticals, Radiochemistry, Nuclear Imaging, Radiotherapy, Radioactive Metals, Peptides, Proteins

Markus Mitterhauser

Research Areas: Applied Diagnostics, preclinical imaging, translational research, experimental nuclear medicine

Michael Reithofer

DoSChem steering committee member

Research Areas: Biomaterials, Nanochemistry

Organic Chemistry

Davide Bonifazi

member of the Panel Organizing Board

DoSChem steering committee member

Research Areas: synthetic organic chemistry

Lothar Brecker

DoSChem steering committee member

Research Areas: Organic Structural Chemistry – Structure, dynamics, binding behavior, biologic effects and reactions of organic compounds

Roman Lichtenecker

Research Areas: implementation of small molecules as tools to study complex biological systems

Nuno Maulide

Research Areas: "unconventional" reactivity profiles of organic compounds;

Katharina Pallitsch

Research Areas: phosphonates, carbohydrates, low-molecular enzyme inhibitors for structural, mechanistic and diagnostic purposes

Javier Mateos-Lopez

Research Areas: Homogenous catalysis, synthetic organic methodology, reaction mechanisms, main-group catalysis.

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Biophysical Chemistry

Annette Rompel

member of the Panel Organizing Board

Research Areas:

Biological Chemistry

Christian Becker

Research Areas: Synthesis and Semisynthesis of (Membrane-) proteins with selective modifications;
Immobilization of functional proteins; Synthetic Immune Stimulators for the targeted Immune therapy

Thomas Böttcher

Research Areas: Microbial Biochemistry

Dennis Kurzbach

Panel Contact Person

Research Areas: NMR, EPR and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization for Biology and Chemistry

Markus Muttenthaler

Research Areas: Bioactive Peptides, Neuropeptides, Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery and Development, Chemical Biology, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Pain, Venom Research

Structural and Computional Biology

Kristina Djinovic-Carugo

Research Areas: 

Sebastian Falk

Resarch Areas: Structural Biology, RNA Quality Control, Biogenesis & Action of small RNAs.

Robert Konrat

Research Areas: Computational Biology and Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy




Functional Materials and Catalysis

Kai Carsten Hultzsch

member of the Panel Organizing Board

Research Areas: Organometallic chemistry and homogeneous transition metal catalysis for the atom-efficient (green) synthesis of organic compounds and polymers.Specifically: hydrofunctionalizations of alkenes; borrowing hydrogen strategy; polymer catalysis

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Verena Pichler

(c)Minitta Kandlbauer

Research Areas: Synthetic methods for biomedical imaging, development of small molecules for neuroimaging, pharmaceutical quality management