Doctoral Program - Process

The doctoral programme is structured along three phases:

  • ~1-48 months
  • Research
  • Curriculum ("Natural Sciences" 12 ECTS and "DoSChem activities" 12 ECTS)
  • Annual progress report
  • Annual oral presentation
  • Publication
  • ~6 months
  • Dissertation
  • Submission & Review
  • Defense
  • Join the Alumni program

Different responsibilities departments for the different tasks in the early phase

Admission to DoSChem - DoSChem management team

  • via DoSChem call
  • or Oct 1st or March 1st via admittance application
  • Code of Conduct

Ongoing curricular issues - SSC Chemistry

  • approval doctoral thesis
  • FÖP
  • thesis agreement
  • annual progress report
  • annual oral presentation

Admission to univie doctoral program - univie admisson office

  • via uspace
  • renew your enrollment every semester

Employment - PI/Institut admin

  • job contract (univie HR department/faculty)

Orientation Overview of the Academic Year

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Orientation Overview of Soft Skills Timeline Programme

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