Research groups of DoSChem Focus Area A

Hans Flandorfer

Research Areas: phase diagrams, thermodynamics, intermetallic alloys, solid state chemistry, Li-ion batteries

Freddy Kleitz

Picture of Freddy Kleitz

DoSChem steering committee member

Research Areas: design of functional nanoporous inorganic and organic-inorganic hybrid materials and their applications

Jia Min Chin

Research Areas: Metal Organic Frameworks; Bio-inspired and multi-length scale structuring; Micro and nanocomposites; Energy materials

Klaus Richter

member of the Panel Organizing Board

Research Areas: structure and properties of intermetallic compounds, experimental determination of phase equilibria in complex multi-component systems and thermodynamic characterization of metal systems, including thermodynamic modelling

Stefan Boresch

Foto von Stefan Boresch

DoSChem steering committee member

Research Areas: Computational Chemistry and Biological Chemistry with particular focus on molecular dynamics simulations of biomolecules, calculation of free energy differences with force fields and multi-scale models

Christian Schröder

Panel Contact Person

Research Areas: Computational spectroscopy; polarizable molecular dynamics simulations including proton transfer, ionic liquids

Christoph Flamm

member of the Panel Organizing Board

Reasearch Areas: Theoretical chemistry

Leticia González

member of the Panel Organizing Board

Research Areas: quantum chemistry, nonadiabatic dynamics, photochemistry

Ivo Hofacker

Research Areas: computational biology; RNA Bioinformatics

Philipp Marquetand

Research Areas: Machine learning for theoretical chemistry, computational chemistry, nonadiabatic dynamics simulations, modeling light-matter interactions

Sebastian Mai

adjunct PI

Research Areas: Excited-state quantum chemistry, nonadiabatic dynamics, simulation of electromagnetic radiation

Alexander Bismarck

Reasearch Areas: Polymer and Composite Engineering

Andreas Mautner

Research Areas: Interface Characterisation; renewable & sustainable (polymer) materials, polymer characterisation

Robert Woodward

Research Areas: Design, production, and implementation of new porous organic polymers

Robert Konrat

Research Areas: Computational Biology and Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy

Bojan Zagrovic

Research Areas: RNA-protein interactions, computational biophysics, molecular dynamics simulations, configurational entropy and free energy calculations, physicochemical bioinformatics

Ellen Backus

member of the Panel Organizing Board

Research Areas: structure and dynamics of condensed matter; nonlinear optical spectroscopy; time-resolved and multidimensional spectroscopy

Peter Lieberzeit

DoSChem steering committee member

Research Areas: Chemical sensors, biomimetic materials, self-organization, artificial recognition, mass-sensitive sensing, electrochemistry, AFM, Raman microscopy