The Vienna Doctoral School in Chemistry (DoSChem) of the University of Vienna trains young emerging researchers from all over the world, offering an internationally competitive education and research environment in all major chemical sciences. As the largest doctoral training programme in Austria focusing on chemistry, we strive towards transdisciplinary dialogue and exchange between excellent doctoral candidates and supervisors.


DoSChem news

Deadline 01.10.2021

Funding for student-driven collaborative projects across research groups within DoSChem.

DoSChem news

Deadline 01.10.2021

Gaining expertise/ learning novel techniques/ access to rare instrumental settings or experimental set up.

Conference / Symposium

DoSChem plans its first International Student Symposium


3D Chemical Structure Elucidation - A journey in NMR, computation and a little (machine?) learning

DoSChem news

DoSChem students who received the funding for the “International Exchange” program.


[AWARD] My Research in a Graphic: Infographic Competition 2021

Deadline 04.06.2021

 Vienna Doctoral Schools (1:40)