The Vienna Doctoral School in Chemistry (DoSChem) of the University of Vienna trains young emerging researchers from all over the world, offering an internationally competitive education and research environment in all major chemical sciences. As the largest doctoral training programme in Austria focusing on chemistry, we strive towards transdisciplinary dialogue and exchange between excellent doctoral candidates and supervisors.

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The new student representatives Chiara Luna, Christina, Moritz and Hoa are inviting students and PIs to a fantastic Christmas party.

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Registration is now open!

(For those who have not yet registered)

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Panel A: February 19-21 | Registration is Open

Panel B: April 24-26

Panel C: March 13-15

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Claudia Iriarte Mesa

Janice Bergen


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Congratulations to a newly confirmed student representative team!


We are thrilled to introduce our newly elected PhD Student Representatives Team...

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DoSChem Onboarding Event 2023

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