Research groups of DoSChem Focus Area B

Bio- & environmental analytics

Food Chemistry & Physiology

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Physiological Chemistry

Tilman Grune

Research Areas: Cellular redox biochemistry and antioxidative defense mechanisms; Protein oxidation and intracellular proteolysis; Biomarkers of redox-status, nutrition and aging in human cohorts; Nutritional impact on the aging process

Barbara Lieder

Research Areas: chemoreceptors, nutrient sensing, energy homeostasis

Marc Pignitter

Panel Contact Person

Research Areas: Food Processing & Storage, Lipid Oxidation and Antioxidants, Health impact of oxidized lipids

Veronika Somoza

Research Areas: Taste and chemotherapy; CDL for bioactive aroma compounds

Food Chemistry and Toxicology

Giorgia Del Favero

Research Areas: Imaging & Biophysical Toxicology

Doris Marko

DoSChem steering committee member

Research Areas: Bioactivity & Molecular Mechanisms

Benedikt Warth

member of the Panel Organizing Board

Research Areas: Exposomics, metabolomics; systems toxicology, impact of food and environment-related molecules on human health

Francesco Crudo

adjunct PI

Research areas: Bioactivity and molecular mechanisms; Interaction of food contaminants with the gut microbiota.




Analytical Chemistry

Robert Ahrends

Research Area: Lipidomics; cardiovascular lipid metabolism & signal transduction

Margit Cichna-Markl

Research Areas: Development of assays for DNA methylation analysis; Food authentication; Investigation of the effect of heat treatment on the allergenicity and detectability of food allergens

Christopher Gerner

Research Areas: clinical proteomics and phosphoproteomics, clinical metabolomics, biomarker for pathomechanisms

Gunda Köllensperger

DoSChem steering committee member

Research Area: Metabolomics, Lipidomics, Metallomics

Samuel Meier-Menches

member of the Panel Organizing Board

Research Areas: Drug modes of action, target identification, model systems

Evelyn Rampler

Research Areas:

Astrid Slany

member of the Panel Organizing Board

Research Areas: Proteomics and metabolomics investigations of cancer pathomechanisms and the role of the tumor microenvironment therein

Jürgen Zanghellini

member of the Panel Organizing Board

Research Areas: Computational Biology, Methematical modelling in biology; Systems and synthetic biology; Analysis of biological networks; Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) applications in biotechnology

Inorganic Chemistry

Franz Jirsa

member of the Panel Organizing Board

Research Areas: Environmental Chemistry; Exploring the pathways of heavy metals as pollutants in aquatic environments;novel compounds under development: ionic liqids

Mark Somoza

Research Areas: Nucleic Acid Chemistry; situ light-directed synthesis of RNA and DRNA microarrays for both genomic and non-genomic applications

Jory Lietard

Research Areas: Nucleic Acid Chemistry, oligonucleotide synthesis, DNA and RNA data storage, microarray photolithography, surface patterning