New DoSChem awardees of “New Ideas” program



Ludovica Martina Epasto

Miran Lemmerer


DoSChem awardees of “New Ideas” funding

DoSChem awards with 26.000 Euro the joint expertise of Ludovica Martina Epasto (Institute of Biological Chemistry, Dennis Kurzbach group) and Miran Lemmerer (Institute of Organic Chemistry, Nuno Maulide group) who applied together to our program “New Ideas” (1.01.2022) with the proposal: “Investigation of Amide Radical Intermediates by Integrative Real-Time Spectroscopy” aiming to shed light on the mechanism by combining NMR and EPR spectroscopy.

Next application deadline for “New Ideas” is October 1st 2022.

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Good luck Ludovica and Miran with their project!

Picture of Miran Lemmerer (©Giovanni Di Mauro), Ludovica Martina Epasto (© Elena Rastew)

Ludovica Martina Epasto

(Dennis Kurzbach group)

© Elena Rastew

Miran Lemmerer (Nuno Maulide group)

©Giovanni Di Mauro