New DoSChem awardees of the "International Exchange" programme (Deadline April 1st 2022)



Iakovos Saridakis

Claudia Iriarte Mesa

We are happy to announce that DoSChem will support 2 proposals within the "International Exchange” program (01.04.22):

  • Iakovos Saridakis - “Halogen-atom transfer-enabled metal catalysis” (Institute of Organic Chemistry, Maulide group) will be studied at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany (group of Daniele Leonori). 
  • Claudia Iriarte Mesa - “Towards enhanced oral delivery of insulin using mesoporous silica nanoparticles: interaction with gut microbiome and in vivo testing” (Institute of Inorganic Chemistry - functional materials, Kleitz group). This part of Claudia’s PhD work will be carried out at the University of California, Davis, USA (group of Allison Ehrlich’s lab at the Department of Environmental Toxicology).


Good luck and success to Iakovos and Claudia with their projects!

Next application deadline for “International Exchange”  July1st 2022. We are happy to assist you with your application!

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Claudia Iriarte Mesa and Iakovos Saridakis (© C.I. Mesa, I. Saridakis and Giovanni Di Mauro)

Picture of Awardee Claudia Iriarte Mesa

Claudia Iriarte Mesa, Freddy Kleitz group

(© C.I. Mesa)

Picture of awardee Iakovos Saridakis

Iakovos Saridakis, Nuno Maulide group

(© I. Saridakis and Giovanni Di Mauro)