DoSChem call "International Exchange"

Becoming a global researcher

Science is a global endeavor. The chance to work within the scientific infrastructure of another laboratory and country is an invaluable experience with great impact on your career development and your professional and personal network. By working with successful scientists abroad, you not only collect new professional expertise but also actively promote your career.

Leaving your ‘protected environment’ and changing your scientific perspective might be challenging first, yet the personal and scientific benefit will influence you and your scientific community.

Guidelines and application facts

Goal: Gaining expertise/ learning novel techniques/ access to rare instrumental settings or experimental set up

Who may apply?

  • This call is open to all DoSChem students.

Who will be funded?

  • Applications will be evaluated and ranked accordingly. We aim at funding 2 students per call.

When can you apply?

  • The upcoming application deadlines for 2024 will be on: 15th January (past), 1st April, 1st July and 1st October 2024

What is funded?

  • International exchange well integrated into your doctoral thesis project
  • Projects (part of the thesis project) accomplishable within 1-3 months or shorter
  • Consumables (up to 1.000,00 EUR/month; max. 3.000,00 EUR in total); If the consumables costs are covered by the host lab (please provide the agreement with the host lab), DoSChem could cover an additional 1 months accommodation costs if this is beneficial and argumentable for the success of the project.

  • Travel and accommodation costs
  • Visa fees
  • Salary or conference attendance are not funded
  • please note that additional costs (such as visa fees etc.) will not be refunded if not stated in the original proposal

How to apply?

  • 2-page proposal in English addressing the following points: (i) what is your project, (ii) why do you need the expertise of the host lab, (iii) how you want to implement it including a budget overview
  • Approval statement of your supervisor and your host
  • Include the title page with your name and affiliation, title of the project and the host institution

How long does the selection process take?

  • 6-8 weeks


Your application will be sent to unbiased PIs of your Research Focus Area for evaluation. Based on their opinion the DoSChem steering committee will make a decision.

The evaluation will be done according to the ABC principle in the four categories: Scientific Quality, Budget justification, Impact on PhD and Quality of host institution.

A: highly eligible for funding; B: eligible, C: not eligible


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