Infos on Retreats 2024


Panel A: February 19-21/ The registration is closed

Panel B: April 24-26

Panel C: March 13-15/ The registration is closed

We are excited to inform you about our fourth retreat rounds organized by each focus area independently with the great help of the students!

This event will take place in Szidónia castle, Hungary

  • Focus Area of Research A: February 19-21
  • Focus Area of Research B: April 24-26 
  • Focus Area of Research C: March 13-15

  • Panel A 

organizers: Peter Lieberzeit ( with Ester Iatta (, Mahmoud Reda ( and Dániel Hetey (

Departure: Monday, 19.02.24  9.30 AM from Sensengasse 4-6  1190 (Hotel Atlanta around the corner due to the construction work). 

Return: Wednesday, 21.02.24 2PM departure from the hotel.

  • Panel B

organizers: Giorgia Del Favero ( and Margit Cichna (

  • Panel C

The registration for Panel C is closed.

organizers: Roman Lichtenecker ( and Thomas Böttcher ( with Giorgia Toscano (, Etta Jost (, Darja Rohden (, Verena Filz ( and Viktoriia Savchenko (

Registration Via Moodle here for students and here for PIs and uploading abstract (for students only, template included on Moodle).


Helping students for Panel B shall contact PIs in charge.