DoSChem first International Student Symposium in a short retrospective

DoSChem students successfully hosted and organized their first International Student Symposium which took place on 23rd-24th of September 2021 at the Faculty of Chemistry.

Our Symposium was thematically organized in three sessions and dedicated to our focus areas of research. Each session was opened by a renowned keynote speaker invited by students and accomplished by excellent student talks and poster session presenting their thrilling and inspiring projects reflecting the great variety of our focus areas from all corners of chemistry.

By hosting this event we hoped to make students and their supervisors aware of our extraordinary discipline range and present the expertise available at DoSChem, motivating them to connect, interact and exchange on all levels.

We captured the highlights of our first DoSChem event within the picture gallery and bullet points outlining best talks, poster awards and attendant keynote speakers below.

We are deeply grateful to everybody who contributed to and made this event possible.

Day 1 (23.09.2021)

Awarded student talks:

  1. Giovanni di Mauro (Maulide group/Panel C): “Shuttle catalysis enables the one-step synthesis of complex molecules”.
  2. Deborah Romito (Bonifazi group/Panel C): “Chalcogen bonding as supramolecular tool for self-assembled layers in optoelectronic devices”.
  3. Moritz Heindl (González group/Panel A): “Using Laser Fields to Modify the Ultrafast Dynamics of a Transition Metal Complex”.

Keynote Speakers:

Panel A: Johannes Hunger from Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz, Germany with the talk: “Elucidating Interaction Sites to Understand Specific Ion Effects on Proteins”.

Panel B: Damià Barceló Cullerès from the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research in Barcelona, Spain with the talk: “Emerging Contaminants in European Water Resources”.

Panel C: Herbert Waldmann from Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology in Dortmund, Germany with the talk: “Chemical Evolution of Natural Product Structure”.

Day 2 (24.09.21)

Awards for best scientific poster:

  1. Mira Flasch (Warth group/Panel B)
  2. Christian Knittl-Frank (Maulide group/Panel C)
  3. Dorá Vörös (González group/Panel A)

Awards for best visual poster:

  1. Konstantin Raabe (Muttenthaler group/Panel C)
  2. Mira Flasch (Warth group/Panel B)
  3. Mirela Encheva (Backus group/Panel A)

All awarded talks and poster were nominated and selected by students themselves.

Photos by Martin Schaier