The second International Student Symposium 2022 was a great success

DoSChem student representatives with helping students successfully organized the second International Student Symposium, which took place on September 19th-20th 2022 at the Campus of the University of Vienna.

One internationally recognized speaker from each research focus area was invited to give a keynote lecture. Great talks were given by several DoSChem students. During three Flash Poster presentation sessions the students gave a brief insight into their field of science, about which one could then learn more during the evening poster session. This showed the very disverse and thrilling projects, the DoSChem students are working on during their PhD.

The relaxing atmosphere during coffee breaks, lunch and dinner times was used to talk about the scientific work, to get to know the colleagues better and to integrate new students.

Here we show you some highlights of this successful DoSChem event and present you the awardees and keynote speakers!

A huge thank you to the organizers of this event, the student representatives Leopold Dürrauer, Bianca de Jonckheere, Patrick Guggenberger and their helping students: Alexander Petritsch, Iuliana Besleaga, Lukas Sallfeldner, Martina Crosta, Meira Mankinen and Mirela Encheva.

You did a great job!

pictures by L. Dürrauer and M. Beck.

here on ucloud you find more pictures of the symposium.


Keynote Speakers

  • Panel A - Ferdi Schüth - Max Planck-Institute für Kohlenforschung, Germany with the talk
    The transformation of the chemical related industry towards CO2 neutrality
  • Panel B - Jeroen Krijgsveld - University of Heidelberg, Germany with the lecture about
    Novel proteomic approaches for cancer biology and the clinic
  • Panel C - Jonathan Clayden - University of Bristol, UK with the talk
    Exploiting molecular shape for function and reactivity

DoSChem student awards

Best talk awards

  1. Moritz Zelenka (Backus group, Panel A): Influence of Flow on the MgO-Water Interface
  2. Lisa Panzenboeck (Köllensperger group, Panel B): LC-HRMS Metabolomics and Lipidomics of Human Meningioma Tissue and Cerebrospinal Fluid
  3. Roberto Tinelli (Maulide group, Panel C): Direct Synthesis of α-Amino Acid Derivatives via Hydrative Amination of Alkynes

Best poster awards

  1. Magdalena Pöchhacker (Marko group, Panel B; co-supervised by E. Varga): Discovery, mode of action & biosynthesis of marine biotoxins
  2. Patricia Bortel (Gerner group, Panel B): Multi-omics empowered deep phenotyping of ulcerative colitis 
  3. Olivera Cvetković (Hulzsch group, Panel C): Early Transition Metal Hydroamination Catalysts Featuring Bis(Phenolate) Type Ligands

Best poster flash talk awards

  1. Mirela Encheva (Backus group, Panel A): Polymer interfaces: A laser’s eye view
  2. Oliver Gajsek (Becker group, Panel C): Deciphering the impact of posttranslational modification on function and structure of Heat shock protein 90
  3. Magdalena Pöchhacker (Marko group, Panel B; co-supervised by E. Varga): Discovery, mode of action & biosynthesis of marine biotoxins



Impressions from the Symposium