The third International Student Symposium 2023 in a short retrospective

DoSChem students did again a great job by organizing their third International Student Symposium which took place at the Faculty of Chemistry this time in summer July 6th -7th instead as previously in September.

As a major event of the year the DoSChem symposium gathers a lot of students and faculty from all three-focus area of our research, setting the stage for our students to communicate their research from all corners of chemistry and furthermore to interact and exchange on all levels.

This year programme included an “animal quiz” networking activity as an entertaining ice breaker after the lunch on a first day! Our principal investigators Gunda Köllensperger and Robert Woodward provided an unplugged insight in their professional background and stand question and answer about ups & downs of an academic career (academic career paths) - definitely an interesting first-hand experience sharing format to grow on as for the future symposia or social events with honest experience on difficult decisions from different career levels.

Also, for the first time we have initiated a “PI info session” hopping to attract more principal investigators to enjoy our symposium. We would love to give more credit to our PIs supporting their students and acknowledging this great students event. Let’s aim for a higher PI attendance next year!

From our previous learnings, the poster presentation (54 great posters in total!) was divided into 2 sessions and split in two days so, so everybody could enjoy and review the poster presentation.

We are deeply grateful to everybody who has contributed to and made this event possible!

However, after the symposium is always before the symposium…..

In order to top it next year and to keep up with your expectations, we are grateful for your honest feedback and meaningful suggestions helping us to improve our performance!

We captured the highlights of our DoSChem event within the picture gallery and bullet points outlining best talk, poster awards and attendant keynote speakers below.

Pictures were professionally covered and kindly provided by Martin Schaier, Claude Molitor and David Loibnegger.

A huge thank you to the organizers of this event
the student representatives: Philip Verdross, Martin Schaier and Tadija Kekic and their great assistance:

Mirela Encheva, Sofie Mika, Moritz Zelenka, Diana-Ioana Bratilescu, Julia Völkle, Mahdieh Bagheri, Chiara Luna Onorati, Julia Andronache née Säckler, Elisabeth Föls, Felina Hildebrand, Lisa Panzerboeck, Claude Molitor, David Loibnegger, Etkin Parlar, Raoui El Mehdi and Igor Ilic


Keynote Speakers

  • Panel A - Kunal Masania, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology

    Additive manufacturing of bio-inspired materials

  • Panel B - Carlo Barbante, Institute of Polar Sciences – CNR, University Ca' Foscari Venice

     Beyond the limits of environmental analysis for climate research

  • Panel C - Frank Wuerthner, Institute for Organic Chemistry and Center for Nanosystems Chemistry, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

      Dye Aggregates for Artificial Photosynthesis

DoSChem student awards

  • Best talk

Richard Jacobi (Gonzalez group)

Why is energy transfer possible in orthogonally arranged chromophores?

  • Best poster

Vanessa Partsch (Marko/Varga group)

Investigation of the immunosuppressive and genotoxic potential of a complex Alternaria mycotoxin extract

Olivera Cvetkovic (Hultzsch group)

Rhenium-Catalysed Deoxygenation and Reductive Coupling of Biomass-Derived Alcohols

Stefanie Rubenzucker (Ahrends group)

A targeted LC-MS/MS method for comprehensive, quantitative analysis of bioactive lipids



Impressions from the 3rd Symposium