Panel B: Retreat 2023

At last but not least, the panel B retreat took also place in Fürstenfeld, Styria April 19-21 in the JuFa Hotel. The theme of this year's retreat was "From Ideas to Proposal".

The organizing team used the poster presentation to spark new ideas and stimulate mutual exchange among the students. The goal was to pitch a science idea for potential application to the DoSChem programs “New Ideas” and “International Exchange”. In this way students have to actively look and find their matching interaction partners to develop together a successful pitch story to be presented in front of all participants. The best ideas were voted by students (student’s choice) and PIs (PIs choice). Students received feedback on their ideas and the process on creating of such a pitch.  

Two guest speakers also gave some insight into this topic:

  • Lennert Martens  (Ghent University) “Topic: Ideas - Future Developments in Omics-Fields”.

To further deepen connections and ideas among the participants, the retreat was accompanied by a recreational trip to the Weltmaschine from Franz Gsellmann, the tour to the chocolate factory Zotter followed  by a hike and  rounded up by the wine tasting at the wine tavern Buschenschank Bernhart Riegersburg.

Two presentation awards were given to two groups with equal points

  • Group IBD: Lisa Panzenböck (group Köllensperger), Mathias Gotsmy (group Zanghellini) und Markus Rechl (group Lieder)
  • and group Gruppe Sweat, Baby Sweat: Michael Wolf (group Gerner), Manuel Pristner (group Warth) und Daniel Wasinger (group Meier-Menches)


Group IBD: Lisa Panzenböck , Mathias Gotsmy and Markus Rechl

and group Gruppe Sweat, Baby Sweat: Michael Wolf, Manuel Pristner und Daniel Wasinger with the organizers Samuel Meier-Menches and Jürgen Zanghellini to the left and in the back, respectively.

The presentation prize selected by the mentors was awarded to the

  • group of Vanessa Partsch, Christina Brenner und Bianca De Jonckheere.




Vanessa Partsch, Christina Brenner and Bianca De Jonckheere with the organizers Samuel Meier-Menches and Jürgen Zanghellini to the left and right, respectively.

This year's extraordinary retreat- full of activities-  was sophisticatedly organized by the Analytical Chemistry team: Samuel Meier-Menches, Jürgen Zanghellini and Daniel Wasinger. Thank you for your effort!

Pictures were taken and kindly provided by Arturo Aunon-Lopez.

We are curious how many applications we will receive for the next call.

International Exchange: July, 1st 2023

New Ideas: October, 1st 2023