Panel C: Retreat 2022

Panel C (Synthesis and Catalysis & Biological and Medical Chemistry) has successfully completed its second retreat round which took place on 12th-14th of May in Frankenfels and was organized by:

  • Kai Hultzsch (Chemical Catalysis)
  • Annette Rompel (Biophysical Chemistry)
  • Ian Oesterle (Biophysical Chemistry & Food Chemistry and Toxicology, Rompel group)
  • Lara Polak (Chemical Catalysis, Hultzsch group)

The retreat was scheduled for 2.5 days and took place in the nature hotel Steinschaler Dörfl in Frankenfels in the lower Austrian region called Mostviertel.

The kick-off was given by the guest speaker Robert Kourist, from the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology at Graz University of Technology with the talk: “Towards a circular bioeconomy - cell and protein engineering for the development of clean biocatalytic processes”.

This was proceeded by several student talks and poster sessions as well as two more inspiring guest speaker talks from astrophysicist and science TV host Gernot Grömer: "Faszination Roter Planet – Forschung für bemannte Marsexpeditionen“ and Job Boekhoven: "Molecular Self Assembly Regulated by Chemical Reaction Cycles” from TUM, Germany.

The program and the abstracts can be found here.

Included in the program, there was also a beautiful guided hike with botanical focus and pear cider tasting on the second day.

The pictures in the gallery below were kindly provided by Kai Hultzsch, Ian Osterle and Lara Polak.

Thank everybody from Panel C! Good job!

Best talk and best poster award

  • Best talk award: Monika Perisic (Biological Chemistry, Muttenthaler group) “Biologically active oxytocin probes allow (sub)-cellular receptor localization”

  • Best poster award: Lukas Scheibelberger (Organic Chemistry, Pallitsch group) “Synthesis of 4-DEOXY-4-FLUORO-D-SEDOHEPTULOSE and an approach for its FLUORINE-18 labbeled analogue"

"I really enjoyed the DosChem Retreat (2022). As a new member to the DosChem programme, I was introduced to the various exciting research topics and projects in the faculty, and I was very excited to get to know my colleagues better in a relaxed setting. I was also able to present my research and to receive constructive feedback from my colleagues, which made it a very valuable experience."

Yi Xiao - DoSChem PhD student (Department of Organic Chemistry)

Panel C 2022 Retreat Talks

Panel C 2022 Retreat Hike