Panel C: Retreat 2024

The fourth scientific retreat of Panel C (Research Focus Area Synthesis and Catalysis & Biological and Medical Chemistry) took place at the Szidónia castle located in Hungary on March 13-15 and was successfully organized by:

  • Roman Lichtenecker (Organic Chemistry)
  • Thomas Böttcher (Biological Chemistry)
  • Giorgia Toscano (Lichtenecker group, Organic Chemistry) 
  • Darja Rohden (Lichtenecker group, Organic Chemistry) 
  • Verena Filz (Böttcher group, Biological Chemistry)
  • Viktoriia Savchenko (Muttenthaler group, Organic Chemistry) 

We invite you to “take a tour” and view some highlights of the 2024 Panel C retreat. Pictures were professionally covered and kindly provided by Lingcong Ge (Reithofer group, Inorganic Chemistry), please give him credit if you intend to publish them elsewhere.

(©Lingcong Ge)

Panel C guest speakers

  • Rolf Breinbauer, TU Graz, covering following topics: "Palladium Catalysis in Chemical Biology; Alpha-Helix mimetics as inhibitors of protein-protein-interactions; Development of Atglistatin® as an inhibitor of adipose triglyceride lipase, treatment for metabolic disorders"
  • Laurie Barge (Online), NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory, covering following topics: "Searching for the development of life on other planets; What processes can define early life?; What can we learn from processes in the deep ocean?"
  • Oleksandr Grygorenko (Online), Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, covering following topics: "Scientific research at Enamine: Recent developments; Fluorinated derivatives of saturated rings/Boronic derivatives; Compound libraries and REAL Space"
  • Nhung Nguyen, University of Konstanz, covering following core discussion areas:"Options between university research and industry; What options do you have after your phd?; Fundings and workshops to create your own startup/make a small business out of your research"


During the retreat, participants engaged in a range of activities aimed at fostering both academic exchange and unity. The first evening kicked off with a pub quiz and a contest of students vs. PIs on topics beyond science: with categories in music, European royals, and geography resulting in the victory of the students.  The following day, the attendees enjoyed a visit and a tour of the picturesque Esterházy Castle in Fertőd




Best Posters:

  • Iuliana Besleaga (Arion group, Inorganic Chemistry), Nickel(II) Complexes with 14-membered bis-Thiosemicarbazide and bis-Isothiosemicarbazide Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization and Catalysis of Oxygen Evolution Reaction
  • Sabrina H. Schmied (Becker group, Biological Chemistry), Unraveling the Functional Implications of Site-Specific Phosphorylations on Hsp27: A Semisynthetic Approach
  • Anja Federa(Kowol group, Inorganic Chemistry), Comparison of thiol- and amine-conjugating moieties as in situ albumin binders after intravenous administration

Best Talks:

  • Darja Rohden (Lichtenecker group, Organic Chemistry), Unveiling Protein Dynamics: Synthesis and Utilization of Selectively Labelled Arginine in Advanced NMR Studies
  • Julia Raitanen (Mitterhauser group, Inorganic Chemistry), Characterization of radiation response after external beam or targeted radiotherapy in 2D vs 3D cell culture models
  • Hannah Back (Becker group, Biological Chemistry), Fine-Tuning Immune System Engagers’ (ISErs) Immune-Stimulatory and Cancer Cell Binding Properties

Best posters/talks

As for the DoSChem part, we enjoyed working with and assisting the organizing team! You did a great job! Thank you!


If you have participated in the retreat and would like to provide a meaningful feedback, please visit the Moodle survey.